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The Fallen Outdoors

Nov 16, 2021

TFO Iron Riders, what are they? On this episode we hear from Sarah Nichols and Brad Hancock. Sarah has been actively raising funds for The Fallen Outdoors by riding in cycling events in Washington, but wanting to connect with other veterans who enjoyed riding as well, she came up with the idea for a fun challenge to bring veterans together through the sport of cycling, and the TFO Iron Riders were born.

Join us on this episode as we sit down with Sarah and Brad Hancock, a participant in the challenge and retired officer out of the Navy. 100 mile rides are no stranger to Brad so be sure to listen and learn how this sport can help you enjoy the great outdoors while connecting with other like minded veterans.

Find The Fallen Outdoors on Facebook, from there you can view your regional page to get signed up for upcoming events, and link up with other veterans in your area!

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